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Our Mission

Gone West is creating environmental and social benefits by replacing traditional forestry systems with regenerative ones in order to enable people to truly live more environmentally conscious lives.

In short, the products and tailored services that we offer can allow more people and corporations than ever before to participate in the creation of a more socially and environmentally sound tomorrow.

The re-wilding of the planet is essential in order to repair our local and global life-support systems. We have the tools, the people and the expertise to do just that.


Where will your trees go?  

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All across the world projects are sprouting up that need your help. They are working for social change, they are working for climate justice and often they are working for their lives. We supply them with trees, resources and visibility, because their cause is our cause. One people, one planet. 

Featured Project: Wildlings

With the support of Gone West, Wildlings are mobilising a campaign to plant 20,00 native trees as a means of rewilding and creating a biodiverse landscape for generations to come. 

Lynn, Co-Founder. above 

How to get involved

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Our Story

Who's behind Gone West?

Well James is that tree planter. The one who started it all. Somehow the rest of us just got picked up along the way. Through travels, missions and misadventures we all went West in some sense or another.

Now we are working together on one big dream, to make this world a little smaller... and much more green.