"Our mission is to encourage exploration and conservation. "

We are here to provide an original archive of visual and written travel & tourism information, geographical learning and a tool kit for adventure. We are an online community to discuss exploration and conservation related topics, offer guidance with projects and ideas, all created by the people for the people. Gone West is an online classroom where members can be both the teacher and the student.

We invite amateur and professional journalists to express their passions, projects adventures and interests. We want to combine art and science to offer an easily accessible, educational platform.

By creating a collective log of how the planet has changed throughout our time, both in terms of human and physical geography, we hope in the future people may look through Gone West as a source of credible, first hand information allowing review of changes to any important aspect of the worlds ecosystems.

We are not a charity, we are a company. We will make money, and a percentage of our profits go towards promoting and initiating environmental and social activism. Every product or service we sell has a direct environmental or social benefit attached.

We encourage anyone who aspires to document the planet to contribute their work to the collective, and use our service to explore. Only together can we succeed.

                                                                                                 One Planet, One Love.