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The geography is incredibly diverse ranging from the highest mountain range in the world the Himalayas to the small and lush rolling hills in the lowlands. 

In terms of the economy Nepal is one of the most skint places in the world with the average yearly income being around $170 a year. The main staples for the economy are Tourism, Farming and Fishing. On the most part enjoying a simple, healthy, hard working and subsistence based lifestyle.In terms of happiness it is possibly one of the happiest! There is a genuine sense of community.

Travelling around the country is relatively easy as there are plenty of buses available at very cheap rates. Even cheaper if your willing to sit on the roof! Tourist buses are also abundantly available to the tourist hotspots anyway. These are faster and more comfortable but cost more and they’re not quite as eventful as the local buses. When you get some fella wandering on with his pet goat!


photo: j.h


There are so many different activities available for a fraction of the price that they would cost in the western world. Ranging from some of the most epic whitewater rafting in the world, soaring like a bird from a paraglider or a calming and spiritually healing meditational retreat. Gear rental is available if your looking for a cheaper option. For example just rent kayaks and go and paddle a river yourself with no guide. Places will always offer rentals as long as the price is right…

As with most places in the world there are clearly areas in Nepal that have been affected by tourism and have become “tourist traps.” Everest base camp trail is definitely an example of this however it is still an incredibly beautiful trail! GW advises to try on of the valleys parallel to the Everest valley (what’s the Everest valley called Jakey boy) . It is cheaper in these areas and offers a much more “real” view of how it is to live up in the Himalayas. Don’t worry you still get to see the king Everest! Another option is to try the Annapurna circuit, which Is a lot less frequented than the base camp trail. This trail winds its way through the Annapurna mountain range, which is spectacular. Wild marijuana can be found growing on the sides of the path at certain points. Not bad eh!


There is lots of volunteer work in Nepal. However always be aware of “the dangers of volunteerism” One of GW favourite sites can help you if you are looking for places that you don’t have to pay to volunteer! Obviously you can always just rock up to a place and ask. If they need help your hired!

You will most likely meet some real cool people out in Nepal Locals and Travellers alike. All in all its an amazing place!

photo: J.h

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