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While planting in the highlands of Scotland, we caught up with one of the Foreman. Jakub, who had been running up and down the slopes like a mountain goat, organising the planters and still doing 4000 trees himself.

Under what circumstances did you decide to try tree planting? Everyone talked about it in a ski town as the toughest challange ever, and I like challenges. I was totally broke and wanted to travel and study.

What have been some of the unexpected benefits of planting? Becoming super efficient in all aspects of life on the road. Bad ass stamina, spiritual grow thru hard work, personal antifragility.

What are the biggest challenges? All Weather working outdoor, crew living, always on the road, changing houses or hostels, meal prepping for the day, all while physicaly well worn. Learning piece rate work mentality.

What other jobs have you worked? Ski instructor, coach, soldier, jack of all trades construction, grower, student, cycle courier, window cleaner, seasonal piece rate worker and bus driver.

How have the relationships you’ve made through planting changed your life? Treeplanting buddies are for life. Some of them changed the course of my life. Its like one of those you make while climbing mountains. It goes deep. Its an honest job, strength and honor, you'll notice the crook very soon.

How has the money changed your life? Managed to pay for education and travels. I bought freedom and time to think.

And lastly, what piece of advice would you give to any new planter? You cant try if you dont try. Dont listen to your own bullshit.

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