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An exciting new partnership was right below our feet!

When we take something from nature, we should give back in some way because natural resources are not endless. Yes, it might come as a surprise to some people. But nature has its limits. With that in mind, it's about time to start treating nature differently in our everyday life and especially as a business. Because no matter what your business is, it most likely depends on natural resources in some way. 

Who are The Solid Wood Flooring Company 

We are thankful to be working with conscious businesses out there that realize their impact on the environment and want to give back. One of them is The Solid Wood Flooring Company which manufactures and supplies high-quality, hardwood flooring across the UK and brings a bit of outdoors inside. Natural materials have always been a highly valued addition to interiors especially because of their positive effect on mental health.

The business model of this family company is built around service, quality and sustainability. All the products are ethically sourced with the environment in mind. First and foremost they never purchase any material from a rainforest. The company earned a 3 Tree rating by the WWF which is the highest rating that can be given for sustainably sourced timber products.

What our collaboration looks like

Offsetting the business


The Solid Wood Flooring Company has always been highly conscious about their material sources and made sure their material came from certified, sustainable and well-managed forests. While working with wood as their core material they realize very well how much of an issue deforestation is. Particularly the UK with its 13% of the land area covered in the forest is well behind the rest of Europe and needs to step up its reforestation game.

That is why The Solid Wood Flooring Company is taking its commitment to the environment to the next level. For every mature tree that is going to be cut down, we will plant 3 new trees together. This way we are going to be able to plant a nice new forest together and follow their commitment of 4,000 new Oak trees every year.

Here at Gone West, we tend to think long term and strive to make a difference between planting a tree and growing a tree. Every tree that we put in the ground stays there, is protected from logging and grows old. That is the only way to restore our forests and maintain a healthy landscape.

Why should tree planting be a part of a business model?

The logic behind all of this is simple. There is no business on a dead planet. The finances paid out to the environment today will ensure longevity and natural resources in the future. This is a way businesses think one step ahead. Preserving and respecting resources is a financially sound strategy and an inevitable necessity.

Keep following our journey as we will post updates about the forest location and planting progress. Don't hesitate to contact us if you think your company could become a little greener too.

Tree planting

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