Offset your Life

"We're losing 18.7 million acres of forests annually, equivalent to 27 soccer fields every minute" (WWF)

Something is not right. 

The planet is sending us devastating little signals all the time: wild fires, floods and famine are a daily reality for people across the world. This is climate change and we need to get our priorities in line to take on the biggest challenge of our time. For the planet and the people who live on it, replenishing the world's forests is our best option.

Plant trees & clean your carbon footprint. 

For just under 30p per day you can live carbon neutrally, what are you waiting for?
One tree, that is enough to offset 1000 kilograms of Co2, and counterbalance all your emissions for one month*. Give it a try and become a member of the Gone West family. A community where you can find travel companions, work opportunities and new projects around the world. 
You'll receive a certificate of reforestation and get a notification when your tree is planted!
*Figures are based on average European consumption