Live Green

When we ask our best tree planters how they can stay focused for hours, days or even months on end, this is what they tell us: 

"One tree at a time."

We know there is a lot of work to be done for the planet, and sometimes it can get overwhelming. But if we just focus on one tree at a time. We can make a change. 
One tree, that is enough to offset 1000 kilograms of Co2, and counterbalance all your emissions for one month.
Give it a try and become a member of the Gone West family. A community where you can find travel companions, work opportunities and new projects around the world. 
You'll also receive a personalised certificate and opportunities to support specific projects.

For just under 30p per day you can live carbon neutrally, what are you waiting for?

We also offer solutions for business - visit out Enterprise Solutions page for more information.