Lift Ticket: £30.00

Voss sits in a location surrounded by snow-capped mountains, forests, lakes and fast flowing white water rivers, with a community of welcoming people.The ski area, to the north of the town, is accessible via a cable car, if you have the correct equipment you can venture deep into the beautiful backcountry of Voss. Due to the relaxed gradient of the mountains formed in Norway, it makes a low avalanche risk compared to those in resorts such as Chamonix or Whistler, which means as long as you are prepared the terrain becomes more accessible.
The Norwegian terrain consists mostly of high plateaus and rugged mountains, broken by fertile valleys. Small, scattered plains and a coastline deeply indented by fjords. Arctic tundra only in the extreme northeast is found also, if you decide to go far north, make sure you wrap up well, tempratures can reach -60°c.


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