Located closer to Africa than mainland Spain, the canaries are a wild and wonderful place to explore. Whether it be looking for surf or climbing high on the volcanoes, there's so many cool things to do! The weather is lovely, if not a little bit windy!

Due to their geographical location the islands have been an important stopping point for sailors. Coming from all over the globe, the islands are the last point for many before crossing the Atlantic!


photo: J.H

photo: J.H


The Islands

There are 6 islands in total:

La GomeraFuerteventura Gran CanariaEl HierroLanzaroteTenerife 

photo: J.H

photo: J.H

Each one has their own unique features and ecosystems. The common thing they all share is they are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. This huge part of our planets hydrosphere provides the islands with crystal clear lagoons in it's sheltered areas and wave battered coastlines amongst the more exposed areas.  

Altogether the landmass of the islands is 7,273 Km2. The highest point on the Islands is Pico de Teide, located within Teide National Park. This mighty peak stands high above the rest at 3,718 m.     



Photo: J.H

Photo: J.H

It has been said that the Canary Islands form a blissful paradise of both celtic and greek mythology with the earliest indications showing that Gran Canaria, the largest of the islands, was already populated in around 500 B.C!

Gran Canaria's "native" population are widely known as the Guanches. Originally arriving from North Africa, they are descendants of the berber people. It has been said the Guanches lived a simple subsistence based lifestyle, living off the land and fishing the rich North Atlantic Ocean.



PHoto: J.H

PHoto: J.H

Getting There

You can reach the Canaries by boat and by air. The ferry runs from mainland Spain weekly and once in Gran Canaria you can take the ferry easily to every island. 

Flights arrive from all over the world on a daily basis. 




Staying There

There is a plethora of accommodation options on the islands - everything from beach shacks, lodges, hotels and even nudist hotels!


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