This is a work about the East End, as well as it is still known today the former industrial district of London, a name once used to designate its geographical position, nowadays to commemorate its history. By the early 80s, after a period of abandon due the big changes which involved both output of goods and transport system, the whole area has undergone several interventions, changing its original physiognomy and bringing with them controversial matters. Conversion of former warehouses in flat blocks or luxuries hotel, old factories in abandoned states transformed in impressive design’s studios or torn down to be replaced by new building, all part of a redeveloping process that is still today in action.Such transformation undoubtedly contributed to make most of its places safer, drawing new activities and trades, revitalizing an area previously considered dangerous. Nevertheless the fast loss of its historical character has been at the centre of a debate that saw several groups of people spring up in protest against the overwhelming process.   I spent several months traveling throughout this extensive and variegate area with the aim to record with my camera some pieces of a past which is rapidly disappearing, trying to tell by photographs the passage of the time, which merge together either a vanishing and fading past or the future we are going to.