San Francisco

To head out to to Northern California with no work visa and only £1000 in my pocket was an idea I had whilst sat outside the library on a cold, rainy day in Bangor, North Wales. After arranging an 'under the table' job as a kite surf instructor for a kite school of which I had never met the proprietor, I was on the plane!

Sadly, I quit after two weeks with the sole reason of irreconcilable differences between myself and the kite school owner. In hindsight probably should have stuck at the job as was getting close to $300 per day! 

A great believer in the idea of believing in something and then making it happen, no matter what obstacles lie in my way, I decided to stay in California. Realising it was way too expensive to keep living in San Fransisco I set off hitchhiking to Santa Cruz!

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, what can I say! It's in my heart and it's in my soul - many good thoughts and ideas came out of my stay in Santa Cruz. A good mix of different personalities and things to get involved with, it's a laid back hippy town with a rough edge. Keep out of certain spots at certain times and you'll be all good!

After heading to the skatepark as I always do when arriving in a new place, I met some sick guys who offered me a spot on their couch. 

A couple of weeks passed and i felt it was time to get moving again as I didn't want to be too cheeky! Good times were had, friends were made and I managed to get a little bit of surfing in, getting the chance to surf Steamers Lane, Pleasure Point and Waddell Creek. I was stoked to survive after finding out Steamers Lane is one of the most shark- frequented breaks in the world!