Northern Monkeys!

To start this article I must write a personal note to say that as a northern born character myself this article may be slightly biased.

Home to the People of the North, often nicknamed Northern Monkeys. The Northern areas of the UK are spectacular and the people are sound. The landscapes are karst bearing the scars of their highly glaciated history and the mountains are remote and lonely, Grab your coat for sure the weather can get a wee bit wild!

Often Dubbed as a "Mini New Zealand" the most prominent and pristine wilderness areas of the North are:

Lake District National Park (England)  

Home to the Highest Peak in England, the infamous Scafell Pike (978m). The Lakes is fully sound! An incredible area consisting of lush rolling green hills in the southern and eastern areas all the way through to knife edge peaks and sandy beaches to the west.

Home to striding edge one of the UK's most infamous scrambles. The lake District is also home to the only ski resort in England, located along the slopes of Helvellyn Mountain. The resort only has one lift and is run by a band of enthusiastic volunteers. With a 1 hour walk from the car park, it's not a luxury resort! However when the conditions are right its golden. Theres a plethora of peaks Jacks Rake, Blencathra,Skiddaw,Great Gable, Scafell Pike to name but a few.   


Snowdonia National Park (Wales)

Home to the highest peak in Wales it's the Jewel in the crown of this amazing country. Surrounded by beaches on almost every side, Snowdonia is protected by the beauty of our oceans. The area is literally on the right day a paradise. Be sure, the weather isn't great for a lot of the time, but when i say not great i mean if the cold is not your thing, to me there is something refreshing about the cold.

Mt Snowdon is the highest peak, forming a prominent position at the centre of the Snowdon Horse shoe. The peak and its surrounding slopes are a prime example of extreme glaciation, bearing all the tell tale signs of the landscapes vibrant past, Alluvial Fans line the slopes of the glacial lakes and the peaks are surrounded by slopes in excess of 60 degrees.

There are a number of peaks and routes to take amongst these fabulous Crib Goch, Snowdon, Tryfan, Glyder Faw, Glyder Fach, Devils Kitchen.

Cairngorms National Park (Scotland)

Aye laddy! Cairngorms is a haven for the adventurer known as the outdoor capital of the UK. The peaks are that little bit higher, the lakes are that little bit bigger, and the country is just that little bit north. Winters are more harsh and the daylight hours are more varying, long summer days in the summer and dark,cold,depressing days in the winter.

Although not Home to the highest peak in Scotland Ben Nevis (1344m). The cairngorms is home to one of the largest expanse of wilderness areas.