North America is the third largest continent. Home to a diverse range of ecosystems, the continent is a paradise for the modern day explorer.

The landmass extends from the far reaches of Greenland all the way South to Panama. The highest Peak is Denali, standing at 6194m, situated in Alaska (AK). Denali’s name was given by the native Athabascans meaning “The High One”. Denali holds a vertical relief of 18,000ft- higher than any other peak in the world. 

North America is home to the world’s largest network of Boreal forest, partly due to the fact that forest Ecosystems can thrive due to the temperate climate. The Continent can be broken down into five sections:

• Western region
• Great plains
• Canadian Shield
• Eastern Region
• Caribbean Region

The first thing that springs to mind when thinking about North American wildlife has to be the bears! Both grizzly bears and black bears inhabit large proportions of the wilderness areas. Famous areas for the bears in north America include Whistler, Yosemite national park, Yellowstone national park and Kodiak, Alaska.

North American Exploration