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“There’s nothing like a jolly good disaster to get people to start doing something.”

- Prince Charles

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It's fairly basic. We are rescuing 500,000 English Oaks and they will need homes right here in the UK. Please fill out the following form if you have land avaliable.

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"100 healthy trees delivers between over £200,000 of health and environmental services to the people living nearby, which makes planting trees one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote a healthier world."


Here are ten more facts home owners might find interesting:

  1. 1. Trees keep our kids at a healthy weight. The more trees there are nearby, the less likely kids are to become obese.
  2. 2. Babies born in areas with greater numbers of trees are less likely to be born underweight.
  3. 3. Children living in places with more trees have a lower incidence of asthma.
  4. 4. Hospital patients whose windows looked out at trees healed faster, needed fewer medications, and experienced fewer complications than patients whose windows did not.
  5. 5. Children with ADHD who regularly play in tree-filled spaces have less severe symptoms than those who don't.
  6. 6. People who live in areas with higher tree numbers have fewer cardio-metabolic health problems and are less likely to die of cardiovascular or pulmonary disease.
  7. 7. Spending time under trees lowers blood pressure and improves your mood. People who simply looked at a forest view for 20 minutes had 13% lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those who didn't.
  8. 8. Trees cool the air - a single young tree can provide the cooling equivalent of 10 room-size air conditioners running 20 hours a day.
  9. 9. Trees placed around buildings save up to 50% percent of the energy needed to heat those structures.
  10. 10. Trees trap dangerous fine particulate air pollutants like dust and auto exhaust and can cut the amounts that enter our homes by half. Just one tree can absorb 10 pounds of toxic air pollution every year.

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