About us

Gone West

Urban Dictionary 

'A term from certain areas of Liverpool meaning for something to go wrong, mess something up or to fall over.' 


What is Gone West?

Gone West is a tree planting company. We have planted over three million trees since we started in 2013, but that’s just the beginning.

Our goal is to create environmental and social benefits around the world: we want to generate ethical, green jobs and help establish and restore natural habitats. 

How do we do it?

Quite simply by planting trees. 

We partner with projects around the globe who specialise in eco-restoration and permaculture. They have the land, the know how and the means to properly plant and care for those trees. Usually what they don’t have is a stream of revenue. That’s where we jump in, providing them with native trees and paid labour through our social and economic services. 

Where exactly do we plant your trees?

Your trees are planted around the world, on public land such a city park in Denmark, or on private land that is accessible to the public such as a permaculture farm in Portugal.

We are creating an atlas of projects that are being enriched by our initiatives. Through this map you will be able to follow the journey of each tree, and the growth of each project. 

Why is this important?

It’s important because climate change is real. We have drastically underestimated our impact on the planet, leading to the extinction and endangerment of countless species, possibly including our own. In the past two centuries we cut down 50% of the world’s forest, the global temperature has been rising yearly, and the consequences are just under our eyes everyday. It is time to act. 

Our aim is not only to nourish the planet but also human connections. Through these trees we believe we can create bonds that will transcend borders and beliefs.

We are all in this together. One planet. One people.