About Us

What is Gone West?

Gone West is a tree planting company. We have planted over four million trees since we started in 2013, but that’s just the beginning.

Our goal is to create environmental and social benefits around the world: we want to generate ethical, green, jobs and help to establish, or restore, natural habitats.

Whether you are a concerned citizen or a multi-national enterprise, we are here to help you balance your environmental footprint and make your world a little greener.


How do we do it?

Quite simply by planting trees. On average every human being produces 12 tonnes of Co2 per year. One tree is able, through its lifetime, to offset and store 1 tonne of Co2. What we are offering you is the opportunity to purchase as many trees as necessary to balance the equation. We are going to plant and protect those trees on your behalf contributing towards a more sustainable future for everybody.

We partner with projects around the globe who specialise in eco-restoration and permaculture. They have the land, the know how and the means to properly plant and care for those trees. Usually what they don’t have is a stream of revenue. That’s where we jump in, providing them with native trees and paid labour.

Who's behind Gone West?

Gone West began with one planter. Planting trees for the timber industry. It was not ideal. Most jobs are not. But he thought he could make a change, because after all, trees are worth much more than their weight in wood.

Well James is that tree planter. The one who started it all. Somehow the rest of us just got picked up along the way. Through travels, missions and misadventures we all went West in some sense or another.

With a team of 150 planters, and 12 people running the behind the scene's stuff, we are working together on one big dream, to make this world a little smaller... and much more green.

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Where do we plant our trees?

All across the world projects are sprouting up that need our help. They are working for social change, they are working for climate justice and often they are working for their lives. We supply them with trees, resources and visibility, because their cause is our cause.

All our trees are being planted on accessible land, and we picked places that are fun to visit. When you purchase your tree or subscribe to a subscription you can pick which project you want to support and we will send you the coordinates and more info about your trees new home. 

What species of tree does Gone West plant? 

This all depends on the planting land we’re working on. We only plant trees native to that environment, because non-native trees can have a negative effect on wildlife and their habitats. 

Why is tree planting important?

It’s important because climate change is real. We have drastically underestimated our impact on the planet, leading to the extinction and endangerment of countless species, possibly including our own. In the past two centuries we cut down 50% of the world’s forest, the global temperature has been rising yearly, and the consequences are just under our eyes everyday. It is time to act. 

Our aim is not only to nourish the planet but also human connections. Through these trees we believe we can create bonds that will transcend borders and beliefs.

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Simple, Sustainable Solutions

We offer solutions that enable our community to participate in the creation of a more socially and environmentally sound tomorrow.

Select from the options below for more information.

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Offset your Life

By singing up for one of our subscriptions you'll take a big step towards balancing your environmental footprint as well as becoming a Green Ambassador.

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Offset your Enterprise

We offer standard and tailored solutions to meet your business needs, making your business more sustainable in the simplest way possible.

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Offset your Travel

Planting trees is a simple way to repay your stay here on planet earth. Go green and balance your travel footprint with our simple calculator.

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Plant & Protect

Our trees need a home. We offer the best rates in the world to plant our trees on your land. If you have a project you can apply for a Gone West grant and receive trees.