Green Light FAQ's

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Why a user should join Green Light?


Better question: Do you like breathing? Well you have the Planet to thank for that. And all the trees on it. By using Green Light you are helping to produce oxygen on your travels. 

Not only that, you are helping create spaces for social and economic innovation. Bonus!!! 


Why is it necessary to offset your travel?


Because you are not an ass. 

Everything we consume: petrol, food, electricity, pina coladas and even gossip takes a toll on our environment. It’s just right to give something back. Like trees.


Where will we plant your trees?


Somewhere safe, but not too safe. We plant our forests in places where they are needed most. Where they can make the most difference. This land is then placed under the protection of Gone West and local ambassadors, to ensure the trees are still here even when we are not. Feeling better? Us too. 


How do we calculate your impact? /  number of trees?


Using European standard emission ratings, a second hand abacas and some ancient knowledge ( biology ) we deduce your impact and the right amount of trees to set it straight. 


How can you pay?


Favors, Aztec gold and movie tickets are our preferred methods of payment. 

But would you believe it... the App Store doesn’t recognize these as viable currencies. So you will be needing a credit card. 



Why is Green Light different from other apps?


You should still use other apps to get around! We recommend Babbel, Couchsurfing, or if all else fails Tinder. 

But this app creates oxygen. 

And We think that’s news. 



Can I use multiple transportation methods in one trip? 


Depends on your definition of ‘trip’ really... Say if you are traveling from Paris to Istanbul and decide to sell your car in Berlin so you can buy the van of your dreams, then you cannot select a new method of transportation... this is why we recommend breaking your trip up into smaller sections, giving you the option to buy, borrow or pirate whatever vehicle you like. 


How can I help more? 


A little tear just ran down our face. 

Thank you. If you are truly serious please go to and read. You will find your way. 

Happy Travels!