Environmental Policy

We Strive To Operate The Most Environmentally Efficient Operations Possible.


Zero Carbon Footprint.

We believe that through travel we can document the earth and promote the importance of sustainability. Although it may seem hypocritical for our team to travel using fossil fuel powered means, we are proud to say that we offset all carbon released as a result of our enterprise. We're running a 100% carbon neutral business.  


Printing – Sustainably Sourced Timber.


Servers – 100% Wind Powered


Keeping it local

We are currently in the process of reducing our transportation mileage. As such we work as a team to hold promotional material and any other physical goods. We are either testing or trading in our localised area.


Fair trade.

As much as possible, the majority of the equipment we use at gw is sourced from both ethically and environmentally sound locations. However, in this day and age there is usually always someone who is being undercut for the benefit of the richer party. We are trying our best to buy and advertise only ethically sourced gear where everybody is compensated fairly for their workmanship.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about our environmental policy, email us at info@gonewest.com