Do you want to make a difference in this world? 
By offsetting your own emissions you can join a crew of eco-conscious influencers and receive a personal link to Gone West. Spread the word and receive eco-nomic rewards for helping the planet!
It is a crucial time and we need all your help to make a difference. Help us support awesome projects around the planet, create forests and fund your own travels / trips / dreams. Clean your carbon footprint and let’s step forward, together.

The Details

You will receive a unique URL, when you share this and someone makes a purchase via your link you will receive a 10% commission on any purchases made on the site (this excludes the travel offset options).
If someone signs up for a subscription you receive 10% for every payment instalment, until the subscription is cancelled.
If you cancel your own subscription your URL link will no longer generate commissions.

What can you earn?

Earnings for our Ambassadors are uncapped, you earn as much as your link is used.
For example; if 100 people signed up for a yearly subscription, through your link, you would receive a commission of £1000 (100 x £10). You would receive that commission every year, providing that people don't cancel their subscriptions.
If you sold 100 monthly subscriptions you would receive £100 every month, for the life of those subscriptions.

Your role as an ambassador

Whether you’ve joined because you're passionate about the planet, you want to support the communities we work with or you simply want to make some money, we don’t mind. We believe that as long as we can put trees in the ground and make a difference to people’s lives and the wellbeing of the planet then the more the merrier.
As an Ambassador it’s your responsibility to communicate the mission of Gone West in an honest and accurate way. We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency and we expect the same from our Ambassadors.