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Money doesn't grow on trees. It grows under them.

Gone West is now crowdfunding on Seedrs

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Gone West believes in the power of nature to solve the environmental and social problems we are facing today. Planting over 3 million trees to date is testament to this. If you are ready, join our mission to bring this type of change to the world and have fun while doing it.

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Capital At Risk 

Gone West at a Glance

3 Million Trees Planted - 130 Jobs Created - 1900% growth 

Meet James

From selling post cards in the London Underground to planting trees in Canada, James has made it his mission to help the planet and create social benefits while doing it. He co-founded Gone West in 2013 with one van and a couple of shovels.

Since then the company has grown to a team of 150 people and a worth 2.5 million pounds. He would say that's just the value of hard work, and it's only the beginning. 

Why Invest in Gone West?

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10 years experience

A decade in the forest industry has taught us how to plant trees, and plant them well.  

Diverse Team

We are taking tree planting out of the box and into new fields, like tech, travel and the arts.  

Branching Out

Our trees will go to every corner of the map, creating a global network of projects & businesses that are growing every day.  

Capital At Risk 

Benefits for Businesses

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Attention US / Australian / Canadian Investors. 

At this time you are not able to participate via the SEEDRS network. However you can still partner with Gone West directly. For more details please send an email titled 'Your Name Partnership' to our foreign director |