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What is Plant and Protect?

To Plant and Protect means to plant trees in respect to their environment and establish stewardship practices that protect them throughout their lifespan. Quite different from your classic forestry operations.

As you might know the forestry sector reduces the value of trees by focusing only on the timber they can produce and the carbon they can sequester. The industry cares little about the shade in which we find comfort and the branches that provide opportunity for adventures, but we do.

What makes these different from a christmas tree?

We value trees holistically, we see the complex systems they are part of. Think about mitigating the effects of climate change, stabilizing the hydrologic cycles, increasing and protecting woodland biodiversity, creation of green and sustainable jobs. These are just a few superpowers trees possess.

By investing in planting and protecting trees we are investing in the ecological, social, and economic values that come with it, we think of inspiration as it grows in all the communities involved with the process.

How can Gone West ensure the trees survive?

We believe in a good handshake, but to be legit and ensure all trees are actually planted and protected we have our Plant&Protect agreements, contractual and fully water-proof.

Projects receiving funding from GW customers who have purchased trees to offset carbon are required to sign a Plant and Protect agreement defined by the Plant and Protect Scheme. 

Through our Plant and Protect scheme we not only ensure the trees are planted and protected but we also insure carbon offsetting and give assurance to the projects that we will help them by supporting, establishing and maintenance.

Each agreement withing the Plant and Protect Scheme is tailormade and determines the specific type of support Gone West can offer while respecting the scheme.

In response to this relationship building Gone West has developed three models for support: The Seed model, the Branch model, and the Roots model.

Spotlight: Replanting Portugal

What happens when you give up your modern comfort, move to a fairly remote valley in central Portugal and start a community project? Everything goes up in flames.

Nobody expected the foret fires to be as ravinous as they were, destroying thousands of lives and over a million acres of land. We came to do our part in reviving the valley.

In collaboration with the Wildings and other wonderful projects we planted over 20,000 trees to help protect the community and ecosystem for years to come.

Our Partnership Models


You have the seed of a great idea, but lack the financial support to grow your vision- That is where we put our heads together and find a way. To be specific, GW works with the community of stakeholders involved in the project in order to help them realize their vision.

We put it all to test. Is it economically feasible, environmentally sound, ecologically sustainable, and designed in respect to the natural environment, and we don’t forget the project needs. At the end it is all about the planet AND the people. When we get this down we start talking about budget and work towards building a campaign that showcases the value of the project and we offer our forestry services to help plant the project.

Thanks to our creative team we get to create good content that captures the goals and vision of the project. Something we and the project are both proud to share.


You are an existing project but need an extra kick to move forward, a push, a little something to spice your recipe. That is what we do with our Branches partnerships. We support projects with resources to plant trees. 

Branch partnerships are a mutually beneficial relationship that gives GW the opportunity to have trees planted on already established partner sites, and in return partnered projects receive the support they need to grow their project. Partnering in this way creates a social bond and GW views these projects as branches of a growing network- A Gone West Family.


The Roots model is used to purchase and protect land for planting trees. Owning land and establishing the project gives us the freedom and capacity to be creative and purposeful in realizing the fullest potential of the natural capital investment. 

We are all about research and play, in a very serious way, by creating  agroforestry; tree nurseries; ecotourism; meetup spaces for festivals, seminars, and retreats; and spaces for piloting eco-technologies and supporting university research. 

When purchasing land GW can rely on private investors, peer-to-peer lending, loans, company investment and crowdfunding. After purchasing, land grants are secured to supplement this expense. Doing so means GW can offer the lowest tree cost for customers and the strongest contracts for planters.

4 returns

Social - Financial - Environmental - Inspirational


Trees change lives.

Throughout their lifetime trees provide incredible benefits to mental and physical health. They also yield fruit, nuts and other sources of much needed income -  both for peoples belly and their bank account.

Most importantly through our Plant and Protect sites people gain a sense of autonomy. With healthy land they can provide for themselves, their families and grow their dreams without having to ask permission.


Trees offer far more financial returns than their weight in timber, or their carbon sequestration. Trees create healthy soil, clean water and thriving environments for animals and humans alike.

Gone West is striving to prove this in the marketplace, because without trees no business has a future. 


This one seems like a no-brainer, but not all tree planting is environmentally beneficial.

We support the planting native and diverse forests, not monoculture.

This practice is becomming better known as re-wilding and creates a host of benefits to the environment far beyond clean air.


This is the intangible element which makes our mission possible.

Doing something bigger than yourself can drive people far beyond their individual limits. The inspiration behind Gone West, our partners and the projects we support enures the quality and value of what we do.

The bottom line: this isn't a hobby, or even a job, it's something that we must do and we must do it now.

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