Terms and Conditions are important....  love them or hate them they're a reality, to keep things simple, protected and honest. At Gone West we try to treat each member and their work with the upmost respect and we hope the following will reflect this. Gone West was formed by like minded individuals, therefore our work ethics should be predictable. If you have any queries don't hesitate to get in touch at: info@gonewest.com

These are the terms that govern your use of the platform. There's some important stuff you really need to know, because these terms apply to your participation in our online community (whether you're registered, contributing content or just browsing).



All donation of content is stored safely and securely, used for the purpose of encouraging conservation and exploration, in certain scenarios we may contact you offering you the choice to evolve toward greater opportunities within the team and with your work. By becoming a contributing artist you open the door to a new world of opportunity.

Please read below

1.    Your content is totally connected to you the artist, when you become a Gone West member, you join a trusted community, an online platform with an aim to do good, regardless of the type of content you send, you can trust that we will do our best to promote your portfolio, you will be credited on complete display for public viewing, with links to view your work (unless desired otherwise) when possible. 

2.    The action of becoming a member and donation of content gives Gone West the rights to post on our social media platforms, place through out the online platform (www.gonewest.com) to act as visual examples for each internal page and help improve our learning experience. By contributing content our archive you allow Gone West the rights to post your images, articles and or videos to the public with deeplinks, external links, hyperlinks or any other form of directing traffic methods included within the written description of the post, your content along with our entire archive is used not only to promote travel but also encourage the purchase of flights, accommodation and activities around the world.

3.    If an article is sent in by a member with no imagery, e.g. an article about Antarctica holding nothing but written content, then this means we may contact you requesting the use of your images providing you hold relevant imagery within your portfolio, to help give the featured members article more depth and offer the chance to promote your work in collaboration with the writer.

4.    This is a free membership, we take no money from you for the action of donating work, the aim is to form an organised safe archive of creative documentation accessible by any who wishes to learn and be inspired.

5.    All imagery sent must be JPEG / Original size / Free of any personal watermarking. All imagery we use will be watermarked with the GW logo when necessary.

6.    Any new contributor must send a profile picture.

Our Contributors are free to do as they want, as they are all freelancers operating underneath their own paradigm.
  • At GW we are the middleman. All of our employees are freelancers and are free to do as they wish as they operate under their own umbrella, eventually we will have the financial backing to take your safely stored portfolio and create an online profile for you, no not like bookface, more just a simple visual example page of your work laid out in an organised fashion for you to use as you wish, similar to our "family photographers". We understand its hard being a creative, having an online portfolio, which you need not pay for, is a breath of fresh air for most, we aim to provide this.
  • All content displayed on Gone West is copyright protected by the Creative Commons Act. No content can be used for commercial purposes without first agreeing the terms with us. (By proceeding to send in your content you automatically agree, as our terms are on display and accessible to all).
  • Don't claim anybody else's footage/imagery/writing as your own, instead promote others.
  • Do not use the Gone West logo without first acquiring permission from our marketing department.
  • No commercial use of this site is permitted. You may use the site for personal, non-commercial purposes only. (unless for educational purposes, if so please contact us and we are happy to help)
  • All content on the site is owned by Gone West Global Ltd or licensed to us by our registered users and other licensees. If you donate content it is still yours but you allow us to use it. You may copy only selected areas of the site. If you wish to access the archive for any particular reason then send us an email and well be happy to help.
  • Our trade marks (including the Gone West and GW Social Enterprise trade marks) may not be used in any way or for any reason without our permission. At GW we believe in karma and as such we are happy to allow our logo to be used if its for a positive reason. We hope that by collaborating as much as we can we spread our help and spread the knowledge contained within the collective.

Your Privacy

The purposes for which we collect your personal information when you register or email us are:

  • Administering the site.
  • Sending you a password once we evolve to be able to offer profile systems.
  • Contacting you about your content and keeping in touch with you to offer you the chance to participate in creative and possible financially beneficial projects.
  • Once we are in a position to offer this section, you can access and update your personal information in the 'profile' section at any time.



Liability and Disclaimer

You must:

  • Own all of the work you upload to the site or have the permission from the owner of the content to upload it.
  • Be able to grant Gone West the rights under these Terms and Conditions (so, for example, you cannot grant us exclusive rights if you have already granted someone else exclusive rights); and
  • obtain the consent of the owner of any work incorporated into the content you upload on the site.

We are not responsible to you or anyone else for any loss, damage, liability, cost or expense suffered in connection with the use of the site or any content or services available via the site. The site is provided “as is”. The information on this site is written free from assumptions in terms of your own personal skillset and as such may not be suitable for your particular needs. You should verify critical information (like advice about visas and health and safety) Independently before you travel.

We make no warranties or representations about the site or its content and exclude, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any liability which may arise as a result of their use. We will never be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or loss of profits or revenue arising out of the use of our website. Action, preceding damage, loss, expense or liability incurred or suffered by or brought made or recovered against us in connection with any breach by you of these terms.


Using the Gone West Service & Platforms

You can be safe in the knowledge that any and all travel bookings made via our service are protected, as we are in partnership with Expedia, we are not the direct seller therefore we do not need to be ATOL or ABTA protected, Expedia are however ABTA and ATOL protected therefore by using our service you are protected.

You may only use the Gone West Services and Platforms in compliance with applicable laws and for legitimate purposes. In consideration of you agreeing to abide by these Terms, we grant you a non-transferable, non-exclusive licence to use the Gone West Services and/or Platforms for your own personal, non-commercial purposes and for no other purpose (unless discussed and agreed otherwise). In particular, we grant such licence to you subject to you agreeing that you shall not:

a) use the Gone West Services and/or Gone West Platforms for any purpose that is improper, unlawful, or to post, share or transmit any material that (i) is defamatory, offensive, obscene or otherwise objectionable; (ii) is in breach of confidence or privacy or of any third party’s rights including copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property rights; (iii) is posted, shared or transmitted for the purpose of advertising or promoting yourself or any third party; or (iv) is misleading or misrepresentative as to your identity or which in any way suggests that you are sponsored, affiliated or connected with Gone West;

b) use the Gone West Services and/or Gone West Platforms for any commercial purpose or in any manner which may cause damage to Gone West or bring Gone West into disrepute;

c) disassemble, reverse engineer or otherwise decompile any software, applications, updates or hardware contained in or available via the Gone West Services and/or Gone West Platforms, except as permitted by law;

d) copy, distribute, communicate to the public, sell, rent, lend or otherwise use the Gone West Services and/or Gone West Platforms, or seek to violate or circumvent any security measures employed to prevent or limit your access to or use of the Gone West Services and/or Gone West Platforms;

e) use or interfere with the Gone West Services and/or Gone West Platforms in a way that could damage, disable, overburden, impair or compromise our systems or security or interfere with other users;

f) introduce onto, or transmit via, the Gone West Services and/or Gone West Platforms any disruptive computer program code, virus, ‘denial of service’ or ‘spam’ attack, worm, Trojan horse, authorisation key, licence control utility or software lock;

g) remove, alter or replace any notices of authorship, trade marks, business names, logos or other designations of origin on the Gone West Services and/or Gone West Platforms or pass off or attempt to pass off the Gone West Services and/or Gone West Platforms as the product of anyone other than Gone West;

h) use any automated computer program or application to scan, copy, index, sort or otherwise exploit the Gone West Services and/or Gone West Platforms or any part thereof.

Where you sign up to any feature of, or use, the Gone West Services and/or Gone West Platforms that requires the use of a log-in account or password, you agree that you shall be responsible for keeping those password and log-in details confidential and secure. If you become aware, or suspect for any reason, that the security of your log-in details has been compromised, please let us know here as soon as you can.

The Gone West Services and Gone West Platforms are not intended for children under 13 years of age, and no one under the age of 13 may provide any information to, on or via the Gone West Services and/orGone West Platforms. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13, and if we learn that we have collected or received personal information from a child under 13, we will delete that information in accordance with our privacy policy.

To the extent that any element of the Gone West Services and/or Gone West Platforms is hosted on a third party website (for example, Facebook or another social media website) and there are separate terms and conditions of use relating to that third party website, you agree to fully comply with such terms and conditions.