Woodland Creation

Creating Forests

Forests are the lungs of the earth. Without them, we'd be nowhere. The reasons to create new woodland are endless, but here's just a few.

Forests are home to a vast array of wildlife habitats and can become a shelter for livestock and crops. They prevent soil erosion, slips and flooding while also stabilising riverbanks and safeguarding biodiversity. Most of all, they stock tonnes of carbon in their wood and release oxygen in the atmosphere for us to breathe.  In short, on this little blue and green planet of ours, forests are synonymous with life.

Traditionally, we humans have always relied a lot on wood and have used it in more ways than is convenient to count. Nowadays, it's still one of the most used materials in the world and so the choice to plant new trees has usually been financial gain. But the true power of woodland lies not just in its life-giving capabilities but in its ability to create both social and environmental benefits, both in its creation and during its lifespan.

Here at Gone West, we truly cannot find a reason not to create new woodland. It's our passion, our drive and is at the core of everything we do. We have a dedicated and hard working team ready to bring life to your lands. 

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