3. First Aid Kit

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Here's a first aid kit for your carbon footprint and a new planter.

The average UK resident creates between 11 - 17 tonnes of co2 per year, higher than any other part of Europe. (Yes, we're still geographically in Europe). So it's time to do our part to balance the scales. Luckily there is a way to curb this consumption and create beauty + opportunity across the UK.

By supporting the planting of Oak trees you can not only help offset a tremendous amount of Co2 but also provide much needed work for young people. With this kit your contribution will not only plant 12 oak trees but purchase a first aid pack for a new planter.

The English Oak is a mighty creature which can absorb over 5 tonnes of carbon in it's lifetime. We make a conservitive estimate that each tree we plant will absord an average of 1 tonne, as climate change has become more an more unpredictable.

This unpredictable nature of the world has also put the future of our young people more and more at risk. Gone West has joined forces with the Princes Trust to do something about it.

We have already created over 150 jobs doing something good for both people and the planet, so why stop there? By supporting your country and your climate you can make a great difference. Giving everyone a fair future and a beautiful land to live in.