6. Highballer Tool Kit

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This kit will provide a new planter with their very own planting bags, or a cover-all set and shovel - Everything they need to make a living while keeping our planet alive and healthy. It will also plant 100 trees durining this crisis.

One tree can make a big difference. It can absorb thousands of pounds of co2 from the air, provide homes to hundreds of animals and create work for our youth.

Now imagine what 100 trees can do. Thats the beginning of something big. It can change lives. Bring hope and opporunitiy to the places and people that need it most.

If you or your business want to make a positive impact like this, now is your chance. Thanks to our partnerships these trees are doing more good than ever. Join the Nature for Nurture initiative now, and you will recieve a certificate for your contributiuon to the UK's community and climate.