5. Family Kit

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Help your families co2 emissions for 1 year, by planting a modest grove of 48 trees. Do your part to give back to the beauty and health of the UK.

With this selection you will also equip a new planter with one BushPro Shovel or steel-toe Wellington Boots.

The UK stands atop the charts for highest house-hold carbon footprint in Europe. (Yes, we are still technically still part of the continent of Europe).


Mapping the carbon footprint of EU regions

As you can see the UK is in the pink, averaging 11 - 17 tonnes of co2 per person every year. Luckily the native trees in the UK can grow to immense sizes and absorb alot of that co2. An English Oak can sequester over 5 tonnes of co2 in it's lifetime, storing it safely in it's timber. Given that these trees will not all survive, as climate change is becoming more and more unpredictable, we have done a conservitive estimate that each tree will save 1 tonne co2 in it's lifetime.

Gone Wests solution - planting 4 trees each month for you and your family, to help balance your carbon footprint. By the end of the year you will have begun the process of sequestering roughly 100,000 lbs of co2 and done a valuable service to this beautiful land.

Proceeds also go towards supporting the Princes Trust, and the young people at risk in these tough times.