Medium Business - Annual Subsciption

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Things are getting serious. You have more and more employees. Big opportunities are knocking at the door and you are going to handle them by any means necessary. We are just going to help you do it cleanly, by going green-ly. 

For your growing medium business of 3-15 employees. 

Using 10,000 - 25,000 KWH of Electricity per month. 

This annual membership and dedication will enter you into our Green Database of businesses and projects, which we shared with our Gone West community. 

At Gone West we are building tools to help you achieve a positive carbon footprint. Our first offering is a simple service whereby you can purchase trees to offset carbon from the atmosphere and help contribute towards a sustainable future. Offset your enterprise with our Medium Business - Annual Subscription.

You'll receive a 16% discount for paying annually, with this subscription we will plant 60 trees for you so you can be safe in the knowledge that your business is carbon neutral for a year*.

*Figures are based on average European consumption

Note: This subscription does not qualify you for carbon credits. To obtain carbon credits we will need to conduct a detailed analysis of your company operations. Please email for more information and to talk to one of our team about this service.