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Project Name: Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Stragegies

Location: Ain Sara ST, Al Israa Building, Hebron Palestine

Project established: Restoring Land on the Wadi Al Quaff Reserve 

Project host: Jameel Derbashi, Chairman Board PCCDS

Mission statement by hosting project: 

      “The Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Strategies (PCCDS)  is a Palestinian, non-profit and non- governmental organization that was established by a number of active youth in the fields of human rights and development.

     Our message is the development of Palestinian NGOs, women and youth's abilities as a contribution in the rebuilding of Palestinian society through carrying out many activities, projects and programs is.


- To giving Palestinian NGOs, in addition to youth and women groups, the opportunity to play an active role in community building.

- To promote the idea of participatory projects.

- To create a cadre capable of managing and directing the work of NGOs.

- To develop and activating the rural NGOs.

- To deepen the belonging to the homeland.

- To exchange experiences, and creating a net of co-work with national and international organizations.”

Number of trees planted on the project: 10,000 (to be planted this year, 2020)

How did Gone West help establish this project: Co-created a mutually beneficial partnership with PCCDS by offering to do fundraising/funding, and planting labor and on-going support, starting with a pilot project of 25 hectares. 

Number of trees supplied by GW: 0 (trees will be raised by graduates/environmental youth activists , and supported by the Palistinian Ministry of Agriculture)

Number of trees planted by GW: 0 (planting will be done by by graduates/environmental youth activists , and supported by the Palistinian Ministry of Agriculture)

Is Gone West offering this project continued support? Yes.

Afforestation or reforestation? Reforestation/regeneration of degraded land.

Why was the project initiated? To implement GW’s Plant and Protect scheme at PCCDS’s project site(s).

Intended outcomes of the project? To support the creation of a sustainable green environment that positively affects the level of social and economic life of targeted groups, mainly empowering deprived rural families in the Hebron Governate area; to balance their environmental impact and give their contribution to make the planet a greener place. Namely, by planting 10,000 native trees on the Al Quaff Reserve. 

Services provided by this project? PCCDS will provide:

- Ownership/rights/management of the land where trees will be planted 

- Commitment to keep the trees in the ground for at least 90 years

- Ensure that trees are free to be accessed by public at reasonable times.

- Provide pictures, videos and other digital material regarding the purchase, planting and maintenance of tress to be shared with the GW community to prove the veracity of mutual promises. 

Employment opportunities supported by the project? Yes. Trees will be raised/planted by unemployed graduates/environmental youth activists from the two refugee camps, Al-Fawaar and Al-Aroub, and supported by the Palistinian Ministry of Agriculture

Educational service provided through the project? Yes. Ministry of Agriculture will provide educational resources via ZOOM to train graduates/youth activists. Launching the “Environmental Network of Young Professionals” for people in the refugee camps.

Specified gender equality supported by the project? Yes. PCCDS explicitly supports women in their mission statement (see above).

Agro-forestry approaches being utilized on the project site? No. It is a nature reserve. 

How does this project monitor success? Pilot program of 25 hectares being restored and recovered in the Wadi Al-Quaff Reserve. Successful implementation will happen in two parts. 12.5 hectares to begin, and 12.5 remaining hectares if required funds are successfully raised.