Monthly Subscription - 2 Trees per Month

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Go Climate Positive with Our Monthly Subscription 

When we ask our best tree planters how they can stay focused for hours, days or even months on end, this is what they tell us: 

"One tree at a time."

We know there is a lot of work to be done for the planet, and sometimes it can get overwhelming. But if we just focus on one tree at a time. We can make a change. One tree, that is enough to offset 1000 kilograms of Co2, and counterbalance all your emissions for one month*

So why not plant TWO?? As a reward for those who make it a monthly commitment to do their part for the planet we are planting 2 trees for you, making you climate positive.

Give it a try and become a member of the Gone West family. A community where you can find travel companions, work opportunities and new projects around the world. 

At Gone West we are building tools to help you achieve a positive impact. Our first offering is a simple service whereby you can purchase trees to offset carbon from the atmosphere and help contribute towards a sustainable future. Offset your life with our monthly subscription.

With this monthly subscription we will plant 24 trees over a year, for you so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are climate positive. You'll also receive a personalised certificate and opportunities to support specific projects around the world.

When your trees are planted you'll receive a notification from us, along with details of where they were planted and how you can visit them.

*Figures are based on average European consumption