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Project Name:

Location: Central Portugal

Project Host: The Wildlings

Timeline: completed

Project established: 10/2019.

Number of trees planted on the project: 16000

Progress: 90%

Project description: Wildlings is a rewilding project started by a group of young people who inhabit the abandoned farms of Central Portugal. The project's mission is to revive the dilapidated fields and reforest the depleted mountain slopes of the area. The Wildlings project is not just about land regeneration, it is also about education, learning and teaching off-grid living in harmony with nature. This mission is to be embodied in their future Rewilding Center.

Mission statement by hosting project:

Plant and Protect Scheme signed: Yes

How did Gone West help establish this project:  The trees to be planted, and supporting the community planting days

Were there any trees planted on the projects prior to this partnership?

Number of trees supplied by  GW: 16,000

Number of trees planted by GW: 16,000

Types of trees supplied and planted:

Why was the partnership initiated? In October 2017 Portugal experienced the biggest forest fires in all it's history, 1000s of hectares of land were ravaged by the flames that were fanned to record breaking speeds by the winds of Hurricane Ophelia and the Wildlings area was a part of that huge area burned.

Is Gone West offering this project continued support? No

Afforestation or reforestation? Afforestation and Reforestations

Intended outcomes of the project?

To reforest this portion of Portugal with native trees that will create a fire barrier after the October 2017 forest fires.A variety of native trees planted well and growing into a forest will provide food and habitat for thousands of species of plants, insects, birds and animals, will restore the ground water table, provide stability to the earth through their intricate root system and reduce the pollutants in the air. 

Services provided by this project?

The rewilding of Portugal countryside. To establish a diverse ecosystem. The project is also highly invested in reaching the goal of creating a rewilding center on its land. An educational component to their story that will help spread the mission and the teachings coming out of life on land.