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Made possible by our partnership with Ecosystem Restoration Camps. 

Short Bio : degraded by deforestation, industrial agriculture, water exploitation and climate change. Learn how to/take part in the restoration work happening in the region, by supporting the local Alvelal collective.

Type of Project: Landscape Restoration

Camp Altiplano is located in La Junquera, a tiny farming settlement in the remote steppe of the Murcia region – one of the lowest income regions in Spain with high levels of rural to urban migration caused by lack of employment opportunities.  The degradation of the landscape is intricately connected with the degradation of the social fabric too. Many of the villages in the region are semi empty, with shops closing the populations dwindle. The landscape was historically degraded by deforestation for making ships, followed by industrial agriculture.

The camp itself is a 5 hectare plot in the middle of the El Junquero farm of Alfonso Chico de Guzman, who is converting his 1,500 hectare organic almond and heritage grains farm to regenerative. 

Envision a sparse, degraded yet beautiful landscape, with high heat in summer and frosty cold in winter. With only 250 mm (on average) of rain per year, this is a semi arid place, on its way to becoming a desert if action to revive this landscape isn’t taken. 

Originally a highly degraded field of wheat, the area is now transforming into a haven for life, with ponds making up a wetland that is home to snakes, toads, frogs and dragonflies, a regenerative almond agroforestry system, an apple orchard, all growing out of soil that is growing in microbial, bacterial and fungal life.

Now in its third year of restoration, where many techniques have already been implemented to bring the land back to life.