Encouraging Exploration and Conservation.

We are the pioneers of sustainable travel. Through operating global reforestation projects, we are proud to state we aim to offer worlds first 100% Carbon Neutral Travel Platform.

Sustainable Travel.

Just under a third of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions are related to the travel and accommodation industry. By booking your journey through our booking service, we offer the unique opportunity to offset all carbon released into the atmosphere as a result of your trip.

Carbon Offset.

Working with a dedicated team of environmental scientists, we estimate how much carbon will be released into the atmosphere as a result of your trip. Your trees are then planted during our yearly reforestation project. 

Photo: alex fux - Tom Silcock

Photo: alex fux - Tom Silcock

Photo: Benjamin Broadwith

Photo: Benjamin Broadwith

What is the Process?


How do tree's reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere?

Photo: Benjamin broadwith

Photo: Benjamin broadwith

Carbon Sequestration.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, used for photosynthesis and stored in the trees trunk, crown and roots. 

The CO2 stored in the tree is called a ‘carbon sink’. This means that CO2 can be stored during the trees life in the form of a tree and afterwards in the form of timber products.

What Kind of trees do we plant?

Photo: Alex Fux

Photo: Alex Fux

Trees for life and Trees for living.

We plant a variety of different species: Softwoods for Re-Stock and Hardwoods for A-Forestation. Our aim is to plant trees which are native to that environment, for example when we are operating in Ireland we plant Douglas Fir, Larch, Scotts Pine, Oak & Ash just to name a few, then when we make our way to more exotic parts of the worlds like Australia with our Plant & Protect Scheme we will plant Eucalyptus, Banksia, Willow Bottlebrush, Grevillia & Native Beech.

What kind of land do we work with?

We started our journey planting trees within deforested areas in order to contribute to a more sustainable future. As time has gone on we have made the decision to not only continue carrying out these jobs but also to get involved with afforestation purchasing land ourselves and placing it under the protection of the GW foundation. Staying true to our goal of re-planting the worlds forests. We plant trees amongst two different land types.


This is planting on land which has been untouched. 

Here we are actively enhancing areas of pristine wilderness, creating habitats for animals and improving ecosystems. These trees are for life.  

Photo: Fura Helena

Photo: Fura Helena


This is land which has been subject to deforestation.

Here we are repairing and replacing trees that have been felled as part of the timber industry, creating valuable carbon storage. These trees are for creating new life.

Photo: benjamin broadwith

Photo: benjamin broadwith

Who are the people involved?

Working hard for the planet.

Every member of Gone West is directly involved, through becoming a member and using our services you are contributing towards replanting the worlds forests and protecting our natural world and atmosphere. The labour is carried out by a combination of volunteers and our reforestation crew. Whilst similar carbon combatting companies out there tend to outsource their forestry work, we in fact don't, we do it our selves and thats the way its going to stay. each year new faces and personalities arrive to join our mission, below are some of the amazing people we have had the pleasure of working.


Past & Present Projects

The last three years has been a major learning curve, we have performed projects within Europe gaining experience in all areas of forestry, our team is growing and so is our knowledge. Our plans are to become independent from commercial planting and take matters into our own hands, we are now ready and willing to begin the process of purchasing our own land to perform our "Plant & Protect" project on, however we need further assistance financially, if you would like to contribute towards a world with more trees and an abundance of forest, wildlife and clean air click the button below to become involved with our crowdfunding campaign. All images below are shot by our "Plant & Protect" project photographers Joanna Furgal & Thomas Silcock.



How many trees do we aim to plant & for what benefit?

Photo: Benjamin broadwith

Photo: Benjamin broadwith

100,000 trees = 100,000 tons of carbon offset

We aim to plant a minimum of 100,000 trees per year on our own land, this will mean 100,000 tons of carbon will be offset from our communities travelling footprint via our booking system annually at a minimum.

The land and trees we acquire and plant will be for the sole purpose of our service, to offset the carbon footprint of the Gone West community as they book through our platform. Each piece of land and every single tree will be owned by the Gone West Foundation, ensuring the protection of each mini eco-system we create, providing a series of never ending carbon sinks giving our atmosphere a chance to recuperate, all trees planted will never be cut down.