South America's extensive varied landscapes will leave you feeling breathless.

From head to toe you will find a mix of cultures and traditions that will satisfy your inner traveller for months, or even years on end. You will never want to leave. 

The physical geography on the continent is truly astounding, with the magnificent Andes mountain range being the jewel in its crown. The coastline is littered with world class waves and remote beaches. The culture is varied, however; there is a certain passion amongst the people which is apparent throughout the land.  Their herritage is never forgotten, and it is displayed with pride. The Latin American culture is one of the oldest in the world- with with the historic connection with the Iberian Peninsula,  Africa and the waves of immigrants from around the globe, you have a colorful comunity of far flung nationalities brought together.

There is arguably the best surf in the world here along with skiing, hiking and snowboarding that will blow your mind.

In most of the cities you will find skateparks, art and a sense of modern day living. The continent has evolved economically over the years, but with just a hop skip and a jump out of the urban environments you will find true pristine wilderness.

All regions of Patagonia are well renowned for their rugged scapes and diverse range of landforms. Aconcagua is the highest mountain on the continent standing at a mighty 6,962m- it takes roughly 15 days to reach its peak!

South American Exploration