"We have come a long way together through the hard times and the good."

This page has been created and contributed to by the family, Dedicated to the people who have helped Gone West grow. We are forever thankful for all the support we have received. Built upon the input of our members none of what we have achieved so far would have been possible without the support of of these good people along the way.   

Ted Wheeler – Reforestation Training, Support and Guidance.

Einar Raa Nilsen – Support During Nordic Story Documentary, Host and Head guide for our Norwegian Snow kite Camps.

Synva Vinje - Support During Nordic Story Documentary

Berger Wenche – Support During Nordic Story Documentary.

Eric Boyd – Reforestation Contracts.

Wesley Brelsford – Physical World Map Design.

Seven Lemon Surf House Crew – Top Quality Accommodation and Hosting, Whilst on location in Fuerteventura

Roy Van Barsen – Constant Support for our entire kite Powered Travel operations. Marketing Advice, Product Sales Advice and Solid Cinematography Contributions.

Steinar Lungden – Support During Nordic Story Documentary

Heidi Gilmaker – Support During our international travelling photography exhibition.

Lenny (Buku Man) – Support During our international travelling photography exhibition.

Doug - Owner and chief grower at Festers Peppers Organic Farm, Sustainable Farming Advisor.

Len McFadden – Our Top man for printing Len has supported us in the environmentally friendly production of all of our paper based products and promotional material.

William, Peter and Pete – Providing us with top quality storage solutions.

Paul Hudson – Business Advisor

Brian Erwin – Think Tank Photo

Raj Xavier – All Print for Our Camden Market Stall.

Gareth – Paramo Directional Clothing

John Boeghold - Domain Name Sale.

Kate Burden – Guidance

Ashleigh Cozens – Guidance

David Arthur – Business Advisor

Jason Cadman from Greenpeace - Fund Raising Training and Guidance

All the Market staff and Traders at Camden Locks Market, London

All the staff at Camden Hostel

Katie and all the staff and pupils at Gresham’s School, Norfolk. - Hosting our Visualise the World Presentation.

Ian Leadbetter – IT Support

Tom Hughes – Business Advisor

Nikki Hughes - Guidance

Richard Singleton - Guidance and Promotion through Essential Journal

Tom Singleton - Guidance and Promotion through Essential Journal

Mark Hughes – Guidance, Medical Support

Rob Georgeson - Guidance

Ivor Hughes – Guidance

Dr Graham Bird - Geographical Training

Dr Lynda York - Geographical Training

Dr Ian Harris - Cartography Training 

Paul Irvine - Outdoor Adventurous Training

Ruth Hudson – Guidance

David Hudson - Guidance

Muzik Cafe Crew, India - Hosting