Beach Clean

We are currently working on creating a beach clean programme whereby members can create, promote and operate beach cleans in their home areas. As part of the programme we will be sending out packages including promotional material and recycled garbage bags for refuse collection. 


Tree Planting

Tree Planting is an integral part of what we do. Planting trees is one of the most straightforward ways to improve the conditions on the planet- by actively creating oxygen through planting we can help life on earth thrive.  The GW reforestation team is always happy to work with volunteers and teach them the method to our work.



Got good people skills? Want to help Conserve the planet? Passionate about GW aims?

If the answer is yes then we are always looking for avid fundraisers interested in gathering much needed funding as well as feedback on our projects.


Hometown Improvement

"If you want to fix the world you have to fix your hometown first"

Create a project in your home area and contact us. We will help you promote it and maybe we can help you get a few more volunteers.


For more info on any of the projects or details of how to get involved swing us an email to: